pre-employment testing

What do we do?

Post-Offer / Pre-Employment Testing allows an employer to ensure that a newly hired worker is able to safely engage in the physical demands of the work-specific tasks prior to their first day on the job.

Post-Offer / Pre-Employment Testing may also be used for a current employee who is transferring to a new position.

By ensuring employees are physically able to complete the required job duties, employers are able to reduce the number of on-the-job injuries and assign job tasks that match their employee’s capabilities.

What are the benefits of Pre-Employment Testing?

*Ensures employee physical capability​

*EEOC and ADA compliant

*Creates a baseline for hiring and enables other testing options like Fit-for-Duty or Physical Abilities Testing

*Delivers capable or not capable results

*Decreases Workers’ Compensation claim costs, reduces workplace injuries, and decreases employee turnover

*Should injury occur, gives therapy provider treatment goals.

*Helps with injury management​ and enables accurate return-to-work guidelines

Are you licensed?

We utilize only licensed therapists that graduated from accredited colleges and universities.