job openings

We are seeking highly motivated, mission driven, and qualified candidates to become part of our team.

physical therapist

Full time, part time, and PRN

Athletic trainer

Full Time, part time, and prn

Speech language pathologist

part time and prn


For confidential consideration, please complete the application and attach it to an e-mail along with your resume to

To ensure that our employees will always be able to provide the highest value for our customers:

We BELIEVE that it is essential for each employee to fully embrace our mission, demonstrating competency, creativity, independence, flexibility, and commitment to our shared vision. 

We BELIEVE in creating an environment that inspires innovation, enhances the dignity of each individual, and encourages employees to achieve their true potential.

We BELIEVE that a team approach is the best structure for stimulating creativity and promoting a sense of purpose.

We BELIEVE that our rehab teams must see themselves as parts of larger care teams, community teams, and client management teams.

We BELIEVE in promoting from within, recognizing that if the majority of our managers are therapists, our primary focus will always be on the care of those we serve.

We BELIEVE in focusing our efforts on the local levels where treatment is provided, with corporate structures existing as resources for therapy Staff.

We BELIEVE in always striving to be all that we can be - to make a difference in the lives of our customers and our staff.