industrial rehabilitation

What do we do?

Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive program to the local community and industries for education, prevention, ergonomics, post-offer / pre-employment screenings, and work conditioning / work hardening.

Industrial rehabilitation is a specialized service designed to assist an injured worker in safely returning to employment following an injury, illness or surgery.

We utilize a team approach with physical and occupational therapists collaborating with the injured worker, their employer, and case managers to optimize a successful return to work.

Treatment typically includes:
*Identifying barriers to returning to work including strength, flexibility and pain.

*Identifying critical job duties and ensuring the injured worker can complete those tasks safely.

*Evaluating the ergonomics of the work environment to try and reduce factors that may have contributed to the original injury or that may lead to future injury.

What are the components of Industrial Rehabilitation?

Components of Industrial Rehab:
*Traditional physical and occupational therapy, working on addressing pain, restoring mobility and strength, instruction in improved workplace, and home ergonomics to prevent future injury.

*Work conditioning: A work conditioning program focuses on preparing the body to physically be able to complete the tasks required at work.

*Work hardening: A work hardening program is designed to transition an injured worker back into their workplace safely including work simulation tasks, work on improved ergonomics while performing work tasks, and identifying safety barriers which may impede a successful return to work.

What are the rates of your services?

Please contact our office as we accept most insurance companies and worker's compensation plans.  We also have self-pay rates if you don't have insurance.

Are you licensed?

We utilize only licensed therapists that graduated from accredited colleges and universities.