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Farmington Sports and Rehabilitation Center (FSRC) has been providing therapy services with the most advanced treatment techniques available since 1989.

Physical Therapy

FSRC only utilizes board certified physical therapists and physical therapist assistants that provide our clients with a thorough evaluation and provide intervention to assist them in reaching their goals. [more]

Occupational Therapy

FSRC's team of physical and occupational therapists have experience in treating a variety of upper extremity conditions ranging from repetitive motion disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome) to major tendon repairs utilizing manual techniques and static and dynamic splinting. [more]

Sports Therapy

Physical therapists provide comprehensive on-the-field coverage for area high school and collegiate sporting events. Free injury screening is also available for area athletes by calling the clinic. [more]

Lymphedema Therapy

Our occupational therapist is available to treat abnormal or persistent edema or swelling caused by obstruction of the lymph system. Complete decongestive therapy will include manual lymph drainage, compression wraps, sequential compressions pump, and appropriate exercises and eduction. [more]

Women's Health

FSRC has physical therapists with advanced educational training to address a variety of women's health issues, including pelvis floor pain / dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Call the clinic for more information. [more]

Industrial Rehabilitation

FSRC is dedicated to providing a comprehensive industrial program to the local community and industries for education, prevention, ergonomics, post-offer / pre-employment screening, and work conditioning / work hardening. FSRC utilizes licensed therapists only, not trained-on-the-job employees. [more]

Fitness Center

FSRC has a full line of fitness equipment and cardiovascular equipment available when you sign up for a monthly membership. Free weights, circuit weights, treadmills, stationary bikes, stair masters, and more are available to help address your fitness needs. Call the clinic to set up a program with a licensed therapist today! [more]


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