Industrial Rehabilitation

Our industrial rehabilitation is dedicated in providing a comprehensive industrial rehabilitation program to the local community and industries for education, prevention, ergonomics, and rehabilitation. The program is a primary resources for area industries and business and is able to provide services in a cost-effective and collaborative manner.

Function Capacity Evaluations

Assess client's physical tolerances. Researched testing protocols provide defensible evaluations. Focus on case resolution.

Work Specific Rehabilitation

Intensive, goal oriented treatment regimen designed to restore an individual's physical capacity. Improve client's tolerance to specific essential job demands. Tailored to a client's needs from 2-8 hours per day, 3-5 days per week.


Industrial Rehabilitation assists employers in effective injury prevention programs through education and sound ergonomic programs.

Post Offer / Pre-Employment Screening

  • Trained therapists are able to complete a thorough job analysis and identify essential job demands.
  • Pre-employment testing is based upon a through job description establish from the job analysis.
  • Essential skills are evaluated to determine if a potential employees has the required skills.
  • Reduce potential work injury.


Evaluations are comprehensive, objective, and defensible. Based upon current and proposed OSHA standards, NIOSH guidelines, ANSI protocol, and published clinical literature.

Industrial Rehabilitation


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